How to break up with someone
  • You: Your ex is attractive.
  • Partner: Which one?
  • You: Me.
  • You: BYEEEE
Cigarettes look so harmless but then again so did you
(10 word story)

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5:24am // 10:50pm

this killed me and i dont even know why 
Kinda pointless to fight for what you want when what you want continues to break your heart.
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A year ago we stayed up till 3 am talking
And today I don’t know how to even say hey

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Pierce The Veil | King For A Day.

Front Porch Step // Drown

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I want to tell you I miss
you with no subtext. No guilt,
no anger, no expectation
that you’ll fix it. I don’t want
you to feel bad or to tell
me it will get better. This
is where we are meant to be
right now – me apart from you,
my hands a little empty and
my heart a little sad.
I just miss you.
I wanted you to know.

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To A

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don’t let him ruin your favourite songs, don’t let him ruin your favourite movie, don’t let him ruin you.
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